Rachel Derum is a visual artist, working primarily in the medium of analogue paper collage. Rachel explores themes of identity, perception and consciousness through her surreal, figurative compositions.

'I am always looking; seeking to discover a lonely or forgotten figure that I can trace with my blade and resurrect. For me, making collage echoes a kind of metamorphosis, enabling the emergence of a new order of things. Through a cyclical process of gleaning images, hand cutting, layering and rearranging, my work is bound to a process of evolution. The act of creating collage inspires me to form worlds, realities and relationships illusory, evocative and at times surreal. I hope that within these images people may find their own meaning, recognise or resonate with something uniquely personal. This is the intangible space I hope to explore without seeking to control or define - the beautiful, abstract space between artwork and viewer.' 

Rachel has held solo exhibitions in Melbourne and has been included in group exhibitions nationally and in New York, Barcelona, Moscow, Norway, Madrid, Edinburgh and London.

        ‘Recasting the Shadow’ Jacob Hoerner Galleries, Melbourne

‘Summer Salon Art Prize’ Collins Place, Melbourne
‘Terra Oztralis’ Outre Gallery, Melbourne
‘Vinylism’ Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
‘Collage Garden’ Nekrasov Central Library, Moscow
                  ‘Mujeres que Cortan e Pegan’ Ifema Fiera de Madrid, Spain
‘The Exquisite Palette’, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne
‘Paper Garden’ 6BC Botanical Garden, New York
‘Through a glass, darkly’ Collins Place Gallery, Melbourne
‘Imaginings’, Neospace, Melbourne
‘Linden Postcard Show’, Linden New Art, Melbourne

2017        ‘Artobotic’, Edinburgh Festival, Scotland U.K
‘El Fiambre Fabuloso’, El Salto de Mendieta, Barcelona, Spain
                  ‘The Collage Club’ Scandinavian Collage Museum, Norway
‘Bustin’ out on a Dream’, Copeland Gallery, London, U.K


2016        ‘40 x 40 Art Prize’ Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
                  ‘Linden Postcard Show’, Linden New Art, Melbourne

2013        ‘The Exquisite Palette’ St Luke Artist Colourmen, Melbourne

2011        ‘The Exquisite Palette’ St Luke Artist Colourmen, Melbourne

2007        ‘Anthology’ Gallery 101, Collins Street, Melbourne 

        ‘L’Ephemere Review’ Issue VII
‘Annual 2016’ Collage Collective Co
‘Dwell Collective Magazine’ Debut Publication
‘Gli Informali International Collage Collective’ Issues One and Two

2016        ‘Australian Avant Garde Magazine’ Debut Issue
‘Catahoula’ Magazine, Issue Four
                  ‘Green’, Collage Collective Co
                  ‘Section 8 Magazine’ Issue 20

2015        ‘Annual 2015’ Collage Collective Co